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How to clean the barrel correctly

May 12, 2017

Washing machine barrel is easier than cleaning screw, but it is also very important.

1 The barrel temperature is also set at 200 ° C when preparing the barrel for cleaning.

2 The circular steel brush is screwed the drill pipe and the electric drill is mounting the cleaning tool, then uses the copper wire mesh to wrap the steel brush;

3 before inserting the cleaning tool into the barrel, sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel or sprinkle stearic acid on the wire of the cleaning tool;

4 in the wire mesh into the barrel, the start of the electric drill so that it rotates, and artificially make it before and after the movement, until this before and after the movement became no resistance;

5 after removing the barrel of copper wire mesh, use a bunch of cotton cloth in the barrel to wipe back and forth to remove any clean resin or fatty acid residue; After several times such a clean and back, the barrel cleaning is done. After thorough cleaning screw and barrel can be assembled at any time to carry out the next production!

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