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How to troubleshoot quality problems in injection molding products?

May 12, 2017

(1) The exterior structure of the product is incomplete

① the temperature of the melting material is low, the barrel temperature should be increased.

② the pressure of low or low guaranteed pressure time, should be appropriately adjusted to observe the effect.

The quantity of injection melt is insufficient, also may be the screw OD wear serious or the reverse stop valve function invalidation.

④ nozzle and mold liner contact poor, resulting in more than the injection of overflow.

⑤ the nozzle position temperature is low.

The injection speed is low, the injection speed should be improved appropriately.

The screw back pressure is low, the quality of raw materials is not homogeneous.

The heating temperature of the mould is low or the temperature is uneven, the temperature difference is big, should check the heater is damaged or appropriate thermostat.

The problem of molten material flow passage. Low temperature, small cross-section size or rough surface.

The structure of ⑩ products is unreasonable, and some parts of the wall thickness are too small.

(2) The appearance of the product size instability contraction phenomenon

① injecting the melt pressure is small, should improve appropriately.

② low pressure or insufficient guaranteed pressure time.

The barrel temperature is high and the temperature of the melting material should be lowered appropriately.

④ Screw back pressure is low, resulting in uneven plastic melt, to improve the back pressure of screw.

⑤ mold temperature influence. Should be appropriately adjusted and observed effect, mainly the mold temperature is high, increase the cooling curing time.

The nozzle aperture is small, should be suitably enlarged.

The injection melt rate is slow, and should be adjusted to improve appropriately.

The quantity of injection melt is insufficient.

The placement of mould gate is unreasonable.

⑩ product structure shape design unreasonable, resulting in local stress imbalance.

(3) Product demoulding Difficulty

① the injection pressure of the melt is high, and the injection pressure should be lowered.

② The melt temperature is high, should reduce the barrel temperature or reduce the screw speed.

③ Raw material moisture content is high, should be dry processing.

④ mold temperature is low or different parts of the big temperature.

⑤ Mold Molding Products surface roughness, demoulding slope is insufficient, should be repaired grinding.

The cooling curing time is shorter, and the cooldown should be prolonged.

The coating dosage of demoulding agent is insufficient or uneven coating.

(4) products have a flying edge

① the two halves die surface is not tight or the combination surface roughness, should be repaired to improve.

The injection pressure of molten material is high, and the injection pressure should be lowered appropriately.

The clamping force is insufficient, and the clamping force should be improved.

The temperature of molten material should be lowered.

The injection quantity of molten material is too much, should be adjusted to reduce the injection time, the amount of materials or injection speed.

⑥ molding die temperature is high, should reduce mold temperature.

(5) Product demoulding easy to rupture

① The raw material is not homogeneous, should improve the screw back pressure appropriately.

② Molding mold temperature is low, should improve mold temperature.

③ the position of the ejector rod work improperly or the top output is uneven, should identify the rupture site, suitably adjusted the position of the ejector rod.

④ Product Mold stripping slope is not enough, should improve mold, increase demoulding slope.

⑤ product stripping Some parts of the phenomenon of vacuum or mold structure unreasonable, the emergence of local stress concentration, need to redesign the mould.

The sideslip block is not coordinated with the open-mode action or the ejection action, and the mould should be modified.

The surface roughness of molding dies should be repaired to lower the surface roughness.

The release agent coating is not uniform or insufficient.

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