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Influence of injection molding process on product performance

May 12, 2017

Plastic materials in life accounted for a higher proportion of the quality of their requirements, and more and more high, injection molding as an important means of production, the improvement of technology is more and more urgent, and injection molding products are more influential factors, but injection molding processing conditions is an important factor, the following will be a description of the process parameters of the product performance impact.

The traditional mould design and process parameter setting depend mainly on the experience and skill of designers. The rationality of mould design only relies on repeated test mode and repair mould, the setting of process parameters can only be modified by repeated trial mode, lacking scientific basis, long production cycle, high cost, and the quality is difficult to guarantee.

The molding process is simulated, and the problems in the design can be found before the mould is manufactured, and the mould design and process parameter setting are based on the scientific analysis, which can shorten the production cycle and improve the quality of the products. With the improvement of the quality requirements of the products, the prediction of molding process has become an indispensable part of the design. Therefore, it is important to establish the mathematic model of the melt flow and heat transfer in the mould cavity in the injection molding process, and to realize the simulation of molding process by numerical simulation method.

Because the process parameters of the molding process directly determine the flow state of the melt in the mould cavity, the product quality has the most direct and far-reaching influence, so it finds the optimum process condition of molding, and the process control is an effective way to improve the quality of plastic products.

This is because, molding process, the precision molding machinery, reasonable mold design and excellent material performance only in the reasonable molding process can be embodied on the other hand, molding machinery, mold design and material performance defects can sometimes be made by the appropriate molding process to compensate. This shows that the injection molding process has a vital role in the quality of products

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