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Proper tools and cleaning materials

May 12, 2017

Gloves, heat-resisting, copper brush, copper wire mesh, stearic acid, electric drill, barrel ruler;

Once the cleaning resin stops extrusion, the screw can be pulled out of the device. For a screw with a cooling system, the hose pipeline and the rotating connector are removed before starting the screw extraction device (which may be attached to the gearbox). Use the screw pull device to push the screw forward to reveal the position of 4-5 screw blocks for cleaning.

The clean resin on the screw can be cleaned with copper brush blade. The clean resin on the exposed screw is cleaned up after the use of screw extraction equipment will push forward 4-5 screw blocks and continue to clean. So repeatedly, eventually most of the screw is rolled out of the barrel.

Once most of the cleaning resins are removed, sprinkle some stearic acid on the screw, and then use the wire mesh to remove the residual residue, to the whole screw is wiped out by the wire mesh, the use of cotton cloth for the last step of wiping. This is to ensure that the next production of the screw will not carry any contaminants. After the screw is completely cleaned up, it can be put aside until the other machines are completely cleaned. If the screw needs to be preserved, the surface should be coated with grease to prevent rust.

Clean screw absolutely cannot use steel tools, such as steel screwdriver, scraper or pry rod to remove the glue on the screw plastic, because the steel will damage the screw and the surface of the barrel.

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