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Several methods for improving the durability of stamping dies

May 12, 2017

Improving the design of stamping dies

The rationality of stamping die design is the basis of improving the durability of stamping dies. Therefore, in the design of stamping dies to cope with the adverse conditions in product shaping to take effective measures to improve the durability of stamping dies, such as design of small hole stamping die life is often manifested in punching holes on the convex mold. For this kind of stamping dies, the small convex mould should be shortened as long as possible in the design, to increase the strength, and the method of guiding sleeve should be used to strengthen the protection of small convex mould.

1 thick steel plate (typical case punching thickness of 35mm steel plate), stainless steel plate, as well as non-ferrous metal plate stamping molding die, compared with the typical air-conditioning fin mold.

2 stretch mould, stainless steel stretch mould.

3 cold extrusion dies. Cold Extrusion 304 stainless steel, thickness of more than 0.5mm, replacing DC53 and other materials, the effect is very good.

4 high dimensional stability requirements for large stamping templates.

Forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts reasonably

In the selection of high-quality stamping die materials, the same material and different nature of the material requirements for reasonable forging and heat treatment is to improve the stamping die durability of one of the main ways. For example, when quenching, if the heating in the production of overheating, not only will make this workpiece brittle too large, and in cooling prone to cause deformation and cracking, to reduce durability. Therefore, in the manufacture of stamping dies, the heat treatment process must be mastered reasonably.

Toolox material is made by steel mills directly hardened quenched and tempered steel, no longer need heat treatment, with appropriate surface treatment (such as nitride), Toolox substrate material high toughness, with the upper surface layer of high hardness, can achieve excellent results.

Reasonable arrangement of stamping mould manufacturing process and assure machining accuracy

Correct Press

In order to improve the durability of stamping dies, the high precision and rigid presses should be selected, and the stamping tonnage is greater than 30%% of the punch pressure. Normal, the use of servo punch can improve the mold life in several times to more than dozens of times times.

Reasonable use and maintenance of stamping dies

In order to improve the stamping die durability, the operator must reasonably use and maintain stamping dies, the pressing mould should be maintained regularly to prevent the punching mould from working with illness.

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