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to 7 high-grade mold manufacturing standards to emulate! Take a slow look!

May 12, 2017

I. Mould appearance

1. Whether the nameplate content printing mould number, die Weight (kg), mold size (mm), characters are 1/8 inches of code dozen, the character is clear, neatly arranged.

2. Whether the nameplate is fixed on the die leg near the rear template and the base angle (from each side of the 15mm distance), with four Liu Nails fixed, reliable, not easy to peel.

3. Whether the water nozzle is used in plastic block plug nozzle, ¢ 10 tubes, specifications can be G1/8 ″, G1/4 ″, G3/8 ″. If the contract has special requirements, according to the contract.

4. Whether the cooling nozzle is stretched out the mold surface, the nozzle head concave outside the surface not exceeding 3mm.

5. The cooling water nozzle to avoid the hole diameter is ¢ 25, ¢ 30, ¢ 35mm Three kinds of specifications, the hole is inverted angle, chamfer is greater than the 1.5x45, the chamfer is consistent.

6. The cooling water nozzle is in and out of the marking, influent in, effluent for OUT,IN, out after the order number, such as IN1, OUT1.

7. Identify the English characters and numbers in uppercase (5/6 ″), the position at the bottom of the water mouth is 10mm, writing clear, beautiful, neat, evenly spaced.

8. Whether or not the nozzle is with the cooling water nozzle, and in, out before the empty a word Fu Jia g (gas), O (oil).

9. The mould installation direction on the upper and lower side open water mouth, whether built-in, and open the Guide trough or below the support pillar to protect.

10. Cannot be built in the nozzle or under the nozzle whether there is a support pillar to protect.

11. The template on the rack is a benchmark horn, uppercase English DATUM, Word height 5/16 ″, position at the edge of 10mm, clear, beautiful, neat, evenly spaced.

12. Each template has a part number, numbered at the base angle symbol directly below the bottom of the 10mm, request the same number 11th.

13. Mold fittings Whether to affect the hoisting and storage of the mold, such as the installation of the leakage of the oil cylinder, water mouth, pre reset mechanism, and so on, should support leg protection.

14. The mounting leg is fastened to the mould rack by screws through the support leg, or the long-supported leg-machined exterior thread is fastened on the mould rack.

15. The mould jacking hole conforms to the specified injection molding machine, besides the small mould, in principle cannot only use one center top out (the mould length or width size has one more than 500mm), the top out hole diameter should be bigger than the ejector rod 5-10mm.

16. The positioning coil is reliably fixed (generally with three M6 or M8 hexagon screws), the diameter is generally ¢ 100 or ¢ 150mm, high roof 10mm. If the contract has special requirements, press the whole.

17. The positioning ring mounting hole must be a sinking hole, not directly affixed to the top of the mould rack.

18. The weight of more than 8000KG of the mold installed in the injection molding machine, whether to use the punch mode pressure screws, not separate pressure plate. If the equipment adopts hydraulic locking mould, the screw perforation must be added to prevent the hydraulic mechanism from invalidation.

19. The gate Sleeve ball R is greater than the injection molding machine nozzle ball R.

20. The entrance diameter of the gate sleeve is greater than the nozzle inlet diameter.

21. The mould shape size meets the specified injection molding machine. Micro-letter focuses on Zy-plas

22. Whether the mold with the direction of the installation of the requirements of the former or back-die with arrows to indicate the installation direction, the arrows should be "up", the arrows and text are sprayed with a leak-yellow paint, high 50mm.

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