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Application Of Engineering Plastics

May 12, 2017

Compared with General plastics, Engineering Plastics can achieve higher requirements in mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and can be more convenient and substitute for metal materials. Engineering Plastics are widely used in electronic and electrical, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, to plastic the generation of steel, plastic wood has become an international trend. Engineering Plastics has become the fastest growing field in the world plastics industry, and its development is not only supporting the national pillar industry and the modern hi-tech industry, but also pushing the traditional industrial transformation and product structure adjustment.

The application of engineering plastics in automobiles is increasing, mainly as bumpers, fuel tanks, dashboard, body panels, doors, car shades, fuel tubes, radiators and engine-related parts and so on.

On machinery, engineering Plastics can be used in mechanical parts such as bearings, gears, screw nuts, seals and other mechanical components and casing, cover boards, Handwheel, handles, fasteners and fittings.

In electrical appliances, engineering Plastics can be used in wire and cable cladding, printed circuit boards, insulating film and other insulating materials and electrical equipment structure.

In household appliances, engineering plastics can be used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, irons, microwaves, rice cookers, radios, music centers and lighting fixtures.

In the chemical industry, engineering Plastics can be used in heat exchangers, chemical equipment lining and other chemical equipment and pipe fittings, valves, pumps and other chemical pipelines.

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