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Tell You A Few Ways To Isolate Metals From Plastics!

May 12, 2017

1. Metal Catcher

The crushing wastes are transported through pipelines and the metal traps are used to separate the metal debris from the 0.75---1.2MM diameter during the transmission.

2. Electrostatic separator

The mixture is crushed to the electrostatic separator, which can be separated from copper, aluminium and other metals by using different electrically charged properties of metals and plastics. This method is suitable for treatment of composite materials with metal filler, cable material and gold plated plastic.

3. Dissolution separation

The plastic coated metal workpiece is immersed in a suspension of two chloride, nonionic surfactants, paraffin wax and water, separating the plastics from dissolving.

4. Embrittlement Separation

The mixture of metal and plastics is cooled to the brittle temperature of plastics, then crushed, and then separated by the wind sieve method to make metal and plastic.

5. Stripping of cable Skins

Wires, cables of the outer skin material are mainly polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene (including cross-linked polyethylene) and synthetic rubber and natural rubbers, in addition to the above-mentioned electrostatic separation method, there are dry and Wen Fa two methods can make plastics, rubber and copper, aluminum core line effectively separated.

(1) Dry separation: Using the Far infrared device to make the cable interior evenly heated, and then use artificial peeling skins.

(2) Wet separation: impregnation aluminum wire in a soak (surfactant) solution, heated to 70-90 degrees after stripping the outer skin, then, with the organic solvent continuously cleaned several times, completely remove the tar.

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