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The Types Of Waste Plastics Can Be Divided According To The Different Ways Of Reuse

May 12, 2017

1. Recycled Plastics by factory molding, extrusion, such as pre processing, with scrap or unqualified mold products in two reprocessing processing of the preparation of thermoplastics.

2. Reprocessing Plastics by non-original processors, with discarded industrial plastics prepared thermoplastic plastics.

3. Recycled plastics made from discarded products cleaned and crushed.

4. Reusable plastic products can be reused repeatedly, and performance meets the requirements of the relevant provisions of plastics.

5. Recyclable plastics can be recycled after the waste, allowing for a certain treatment, and after the reprocessing of a type of plastics.

6. Non-recyclable plastics are not allowed to be recycled after recycling and reuse of a type of plastics.

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