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Understand These Methods Of Identification, Easy To Distinguish All Kinds Of Waste Plastics

May 12, 2017

The quality of recycled plastics is very important, if the recycling quality control is not good, it will affect the quality of product performance. Because after a production site outside the recycling of raw materials, may introduce new pollution factors, resulting in new defective products generation. The methods for identification of raw materials are three kinds, the physical methods, chemical methods and instrumental analysis.

Physical methods

Physical methods are based on the physical properties of plastics, including appearance, density, melting, strength and dissolution. The following is a summary of the technical staff for many years of discrimination:

The simplest way is: to see the plastic film on the sun above whether there are stars, usually some renewable, basically no new material. (Because the raw material is not the same color, feel the same, and have a lot of impurities, color is not good, the natural color is relatively small.) )

From the appearance of the recycled plastic gloss, the surface of particles is dim, uneven size, contain impurities, generally with color or gray; the luster of the new material is very good, the particle surface is smooth, the size of uniform, not including magazines, mostly colorless or milky white. The color of the new material is bright, the old material color is dim. In addition, if we want to carefully identify, you can distinguish from the following aspects:

Color: It is better than not to bring through, no matter what color.

Luster: The luster is better than no gloss, is the color of the surface of the material. From the physical and mechanical properties of the raw materials has been aging degradation, some of the polymer oxidation, physical mechanical properties have decreased, the more regeneration of the more performance degradation.

Wire Drawing: (CaCO3 more than the wire drawing affirmation is not good, the reinforcement also pulled out of the silk) after blowing the fire extinguishing, use iron body quickly contact melts, then quickly opened, and see silk forming is not evenly, is evenly good material, Dora several times, will silk overlap, again, see it has no elasticity, can again open and constantly, not broken or pulling a distance after breaking is good material.

Smell (all kinds of plastics are different, including flame retardants, etc.);

The above can not be confirmed, please use the fire again, in the process of burning quickly to take black smoke or melt the body quickly drops, is not good material.

Floating: As long as there is a sinking of the poor, if the above is not sure, or uncertain ideas, that only test machine.

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