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What 5 Kinds Of Engineering Plastics Can Pom Be Substituted?

May 12, 2017

1, substitute Polyester

The performance of Pom in some of the typical applications of PBT is better than PBT (based on better heat and resistance), and its electrical performance is sufficient, at this time the cost advantage highlights.

In the high-end sedan application, the cost difference reaches 20%. Therefore, in the field of automotive manufacturing PBT and reinforced polyamide, polycarbonate, pom competition, pom to erode the market situation has occurred repeatedly.

2, replacing polycarbonate

The use of the PC in the automotive industry has a long history in the interior and exterior decoration parts, but the inherent performance of POM plus the possibility and cost difference of the relevant new technology, so that it replaces a large number of PC structure in the interior and exterior decoration.

3. Substitute polyamide

More varieties of polyamide, the application of early start, industrial application base is better. But in a series of characteristics of formaldehyde to be a notch, it has the potential to replace nylon in many occasions.

In the intake manifold to enhance POM instead of nylon by BMW Ford These leading automotive enterprises to take the lead, the engine category of other structural parts are followed up. It is estimated that once successful, 30% of the cost advantage.

4. Substituted Polyphenylene sulfide

Although PPS embodies its overall superiority with other general engineering plastics, but the actual application field, the comprehensive performance of the gap with Pom, and the specialty of formaldehyde itself, so that Pom has a good opportunity to enter the commonly occupied by PPS applications.

5. Substitute PTFE

Friction wear characteristics and fatigue resistance, creep resistance, so that it can replace Teflon in many applications.

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